Updating an AX users SID when they’ve been accidently deleted from Active Directory

If you ever find an AX user’s account has been accidently deleted from Active Directory then is recreated with the same user name but they cannot access AX this is because they now have a new Active Directory SID that doesn’t match the SID against their user in AX.

This can be resolved by updating their SID in AX with the newly recreated user’s SID.


The Problem:

“User1” was deleted in Active Directory, it was established that “User1” shouldn’t have been deleted, so “User1” was recreated. ¬†Unfortunately “User1” couldn’t access AX though, they were receiving an Access Denied message.


First of all run the following powershell script (replace “User1” with your user) to find their SID

$AdObj = New-Object System.Security.Principal.NTAccount('User1')
$strSID = $AdObj.Translate([System.Security.Principal.SecurityIdentifier])


As you can see their SID is returned as S-1-5-21-1214440339-1788223648-682003330-48397


Using the SID returned by the Powershell script run the following SQL Script (replacing the ¬†Database Name, SID and ID with yours) to update the newly created login’s SID

SET SID = 'S-1-5-21-1214440339-1788223648-682003330-48397'
WHERE ID = 'User1'

Note: ID is not usually the same as the users AD login name, in this example it happens to be.  Doing a simple select statement on the [UserInfo] table will establish the users ID that you need to use in the above SQL Statement.

“User1” will now be able to access AX again.

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