Data cache is not always syncing between clustered AOS’s (Cannot edit a record in LastValue (SysLastValue). User ID: , AdminUserSetup.)

If you experience data mismatches between AOS’s it could be because the table is being cached by the AOS but is not syncing between other AOS’s.

So for example a user updates some data logged onto AOS01, a user then queries the data on AOS02 and it’s not there. ¬†Even the automatic nightly flush of the AOS caches doesn’t update AOS02 the only way to get the caches in sync is to restart both AOS’s.

You might see the following error messages in the AOS Application Event Log:

110 Object Server 01: Dialog issued for client-less session 1: Cannot edit a record
in LastValue (SysLastValue). User ID: , AdminUserSetup.
The SQL database has issued an error.

If you have been experiencing this issue  then you may need to apply Hotfix KB261128 to resolve the issue or apply SP1 RU8 which also contains this hotfix.

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