AX 2009 Batch Job Created Notifications

Want to know instantly by email when users are creating batch jobs in AX 2009.  This saves you having to constantly go and check the Batch Job form and work out what’s new.

I have created a script which can be downloaded below which will create a SQL DML insert trigger on your database, so when a user submits a process to batch you can receive an email informing you of the submitter and name of job they have submitted.

There’s a couple of pre-requisites that need to be adhered to:

1.  Database Mail must be configured and working in your environment
2.  You need to know the following details:

  • Your Database Server and Instance Name (Instance Name only applicable if you are using named instances)
  • Your Production Database Name
  • Your Database Mail Profile name
  • Email Recipients Address (always best to have a generic distribution group email address)

With these details you can perform a find and replace on the defaults values in the script before running the script against your AX Database, full details are provided in the script itself on how to set it up.

Download  AX Batch Jobs Added Script (477 downloads)

DISCLAIMER: As always please try setting this up first in your test environment to ensure you understand the setup and whether it provides the functionality you require.

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