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Get notified when Admin or All user group permissions are granted to users in AX 2009

Want to know instantly when a user has been granted ‘Admin’ or ‘All’  user rights in your Production or Non-Production environments?

Of course you do!  Implementing the script available to download below gives you control over your AX Environment with regards to knowing when permissions could have been granted incorrectly.

The script will create a trigger on the [USERGROUPLIST] table, if the user group ‘Admin’ or ‘All’ is added to a users profile then an email notification will be sent to your AX Administrators.

Follow the instructions within the SQL Script on what needs to be changed to configure it in your environment.  As always please setup and test in your Dev/Test Environment to ensure you understand the setup and that it works as intended in your environment.

I also always advise sending the email notifications to a distribution email group as opposed to individually named email addresses as it means you only need to change the distribution email group for Administrator leavers/starters as opposed to having to change numerous pieces of code/jobs/notifications.

Download Admin User Group Check Setup (560 downloads)